HRLSHuman Rights Law Society
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The contract win fits neatly with HRL's acquisition of the business assets of RJL & Associates Ltd, sited in North Island, New Zealand, for NZ$0.5 million which offers environmental services including the management of asbestos and hazardous materials.
HRL, which was initially a geothermal firm, later reorganized its operations to focus on environmental technical services, making several acquisitions in the field.
This limit confirms a previous study carried out in 2000 with the same analyzer and the same software in 40 095 and 26 001 results retrieved from the LIS of the laboratories of Vicenza and Verona hospitals, without any selection criteria; the HRLs were 0.28 -3.5 and 0.22-3.6 mIU/L, respectively, and the test result distribution appeared unimodal (7).
We calculated the Advia Centaur (Bayer) TSH HRL, using the program GraphROC[TM] (Fig.
RNA was isolated from the leaf tissue of LDN, LDN-DIC 5B (Israel A), and of 10 sensitive and insensitive bulked HRL plants derived from LDN x LDN-DIC 5B (Israel A) with TRIzol reagent (Life Technologies Inc., Grand Island, NY).
Bulked segregants derived from the Langdon HRL population were either sensitive to Ptr ToxA, possessing the dominant Tsn1 allele, or they were insensitive and the pooled individuals were recessive at the locus.
HRL Director Zuzana Stevulova said the Taft Fund grant enabled her organization to "reach law students and lawyers and educate them about the basic principles of refugee protection.
Over the next six months, HRL will provide additional training and seminars for lawyers and judges working on asylum cases, organize an international refugee law conference and asylum moot court competition for law students from neighboring countries, and conduct public outreach.