HRMAHuman Resource Management Association
HRMAHigh Resolution Mirror Assembly
HRMAHop Reservation Multiple Access
HRMAHotel and Restaurant Management
HRMAHuman Resource Management Agency
HRMAHousing Requirements and Market Analysis
HRMAHuman Resource Managers Association
HRMAHousing Requirements Market Assessment
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Secretary HRMA, Asim Iqbal and officers of Human Rights were also present in the meeting.
With unlabeled probe based HRMA, we successfully genotyped the 1017 blood samples.
Furthermore, we confirmed that the genotyping robustness of the HRMA assay by using 2 commonly used HRMA-capable thermocyclers, as well as a recently introduced HRMA-capable magnetic induction thermocycler.
HRMA is a group of human resource professionals who come together to discuss issues related to human resource management and to find ways to better serve their employers and employees.
The rapid implementation of HRMA for genotyping could allow a patient to be tested for a susceptibility variant immediately before receiving a medication, to ensure appropriate efficacy.
This was tested by subjecting a glpF allele 321 sample to PCR in LCGreenPlus master mix, making a dilution series of the reaction products in the same master mix, and then subjecting the dilutions to HRMA.
HRMA is the local chapter of the national Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).
This modification produces better melting curve reproducibility in the HRMA for different amplicons and different amounts of DNA templates in each PCR reaction tube [see (16) and Figs.