HRMAHuman Resource Management Association
HRMAHigh Resolution Mirror Assembly
HRMAHop Reservation Multiple Access
HRMAHotel and Restaurant Management
HRMAHuman Resource Management Agency
HRMAHousing Requirements and Market Analysis
HRMAHuman Resource Managers Association
HRMAHousing Requirements Market Assessment
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Bu dezavantajlarin u stesinden gelebilmek icin RFLP ve MLST gibi analiz turleri ile kiyaslandiginda ortalama olarak uc kat daha hizli ve bes kat daha ucuz oldugu bildirilen HRMA yonteminin muazzam bir potansiyele sahip oldugu belirtilmektedir (16,17).
committee room of Human Rights Office on Monday, the Minister praised the performance of Secretary HRMA Asim Iqbal,
In this study, we used the HRMA with unlabeled probe (this method in detail has been described in our previous study [sup][3])to detect the c.3321delA mutation in all participants through a rapid, cost-efficient and reliable closed-tube method compared with other genotyping methods, including DNA sequencing and restriction fragment length polymorphism.
Just as Milos Hrma is frankly and charmingly subsumed by his own private cares in the middle of a world war, Steffie has no awareness of the narrative manipulations occurring across her own story."
"What HRMA does is to subject the DNA to increasingly high temperatures until the hydrogen bonds break, known as the melting temperature.
* 9--2011 HRMA Human Resource Management Conference
LAHORE -- Punjab Minister for Human Rights and Minority Affairs (HRMA) Ijaz Alam Augustine said that Holi was a festival of colors and sign of happiness and peace.
She is a member of Human Resource Management Association (HRMA) of St.
HRMA minister said that the Punjab chief minister had taken a lot of revolutionary steps to promote and protect the fundamental rights of religious minorities.
Minority MPA Shahzad Munshi, Secretary HRMA Asim Iqbal,
The enrichment brought the allelic ratio of the mutations into the analytical sensitivity of the 2 methodologies used in this study: high-resolution melting analysis (HRMA) and targeted sequencing.