HRMASHigh Resolution Magic Angle Spinning
HRMASHealth Research Methods Advisory Service (New Zealand)
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[sup.1]H HRMAS NMR derived biomarkers related to tumor grade, tumor cell fraction, and cell proliferation in prostate tissue samples.
Detection of local prostate metabolites by HRMAS NMR spectroscopy: a comparative study of human and rat prostate tissues.
HRMAS. Immediately after the light scattering measurement, the rabbit lenses were frozen in liquid nitrogen.
Nondestructive quantitation of spermine in human prostate tissue samples using HRMAS 1H NMR spectroscopy at 9.4 T.
Later chapters cover in vivo 1H MRS of breast tumors, the role of MRS in imaging of auxiliary lymph nodes in breast cancer, and in vitro, ex vivo, and high-resolution magic-angle-spinning (HRMAS) MRS of breast tumors.
Particular techniques driving solid state NMR analysis include high resolution magic angle spinning (hrMAS).