HRMDHuman Resources Management Department (aka Human Resource Management Division)
HRMDHighlands Ranch Metro District (Highlands Ranch, CO)
HRMDHuman Resource Management Division (aka Human Resources Management Department)
HRMDHead Restraint Measuring Device
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McClelland (2008) claimed that effective HRMD revolves around three major categories: achievement, affiliation and power In an educational organization, the leaders use effective HRMD to build a framework where employees with different needs are motivated differently.
Secondly, an integrative approach to HR processes has not been on the HRMD agenda since the beginning of 2000; most projects have been implemented on a sequential basis; so that, starting with last year (2014), a series of projects related to HR sub-processes have begun to be outlined.
The result will need to be reviewed by major programs directors, General Staff (as strategic command) if deemed, IDPD, HRMD, and other entities.
Overall, this project management would require the MoND decisions, and the HRMD and GS (General Staff)/J1 involvement (both as decision-makers, and owners of process), because the MAC would need to be placed at such level so that it would be able to support and assist the whole defence planning process from the manpower perspective.
Regarding the HRMD, there is an actual opportunity to improve the ongoing HR planning process, by breaking it down into two sub-processes: manpower planning, and personnel planning, both of them supported by the same new HR Planning Office.
It must be highlighted that this long-term perspective also requires "investment in time, talent, and resources", and a great will of HRMD involvement: first, it has to be understood that the HR planning means both manpower and personnel planning; second, policies and appropriate requirements for the educational bodies are to be outlined, with the purpose of creating the right "initial development framework" for military HR specialists, and the path(s) for their development (career included).
It also needs to be stated that the HRMD involvement is a necessity, not a simple whish, even for the simple reason of shifting from the personnel management to HRM, which implies a multifunctional approach, a lot more than a view "based on rules and procedures and seen as a separate function from general management", in accordance with the the 27 points of Storey's HRM model [40].