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7%) were considered HRMOs on the basis of ESBL production (n=26), combined resistance to aminoglycosides and quinolones in E.
In the crude analysis, gender, which was known for 147 of 148 children, was not associated with UTI with HRMOs (odds ratio (OR) 0.
This study shows, for the first time in Mozambique, an extremely high prevalence of HRMOs in Gram-negative uropathogens from hospitalised children with a UTI.
Presumably our results are not representative of HRMOs in outpatients or the general population of the country, and it would be of value to investigate the prevalence in both these groups.
19] We found that the risk of UTI with HRMOs has an OR of 1.
We were unable to show an association between HIV status and the presence of UTI with HRMOs in hospitalised children, in keeping with previous results showing no significant effect of HIV on the presentation of UTI in children.