HRMPHuman Resource Management Practice
HRMPHealth Reinsurance Management Partnership
HRMPHydrology/Radionuclide Migration Program (US DoE)
HRMPHydrologic Resonance Management Program
HRMPHuman Resource Management Policy
HRMPHorizontal Retinal Meridional Photocoagulation
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The first section of the paper provides an overview of the relevant literature that links the concept of career-related HRMP with AC in the contemporary career setting and how POS fits into the relationship.
But today individuals have multiple forms of commitments including occupation and profession, peer support, family, and religion (Cohen 2003, Baruch 2004), and these new social norms imply that contemporary careers are becoming less proximal to career-related HRMP thus, causing a diminishing commitment and loyalty to organisations.
This study contends that career-related HRMP delivers progressive career support and development to employees.
And there is some evidence to suggest that the collaborative effort in career-related HRMP benefits both parties.
We are very excited to broaden our comprehensive portfolio by offering the new HRBP and HRMP credentials, said Mary Power, CAE, CMP, executive director of the Institute.
Successful participants are now in the inaugural group to hold the HRBP or HRMP designations.
The HRMP qualification helps us speak the same language and facilitates the exchange of ideas, opportunities and challenges knowing that we all build on the same foundation that is state-of-the-art, said Corinna Domingue, HRMP and corporate talent manager for OBI Group Holding, a German- based home improvement retailer operating more than 580 stores in 13 countries.