HRMPHuman Resource Management Practice
HRMPHealth Reinsurance Management Partnership
HRMPHydrology/Radionuclide Migration Program (US DoE)
HRMPHydrologic Resonance Management Program
HRMPHuman Resource Management Policy
HRMPHorizontal Retinal Meridional Photocoagulation
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Based on the nature of the social exchange, this study investigated a paradigm that career-related HRMP serves as the antecedents of perceived organisational support (POS) and AC.
Using knowledge workers from four different industries, namely finance, information technology (IT), manufacturing, and educational institutions, this paper examines three hypotheses in explaining the relationship between career-related HRMP, POS and AC.
"It's therapeutic." The data gathered by the HRMP has been used in the class-action civil suit brought against the Sheriff's Department by some 50 reservation Indians, accusing the department of misuse of power.
In terms of poliovirus, the High-Risk Mobile Population (HRMP) is a huge factor that is contributing to its spread in Sindh.
The HRMP has lowest polio vaccination acceptability as well as accessibility, according to officials.
Zahid noted its commendable accomplishments, like Pakistan's membership and participation in global ISO committee of 13 countries responsible for making HR Standards, convening of National Committee on HR Standards and its notification by Government of Pakistan, physical launching of global HR certifications (SPHR, PHR, HRMP, HRBP) in Pakistan and Pilot research on HR Metrics in collaboration with FAST National University.
But the high-risk mobile population (HRMP) remained leading cause of virus' transmission.
Officials said it was high-risk mobile population (HRMP) that remained a leading cause of virus' transmission.
Kato and Morishima use new Japanese panel data to estimate the impact on productive efficiency of human resource management practices (HRMPs) designed to promote information sharing at the top level and at the grass-roots level, and financial participation.