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HRMSHuman Resource Management System
HRMSHuman Resource Management Software (various companies)
HRMSHigh Resolution Microwave Survey
HRMSHigh Resolution Microwave Survey (SETI, Project Phoenix)
HRMSHot Rolled Mild Steel
HRMSHigh Resolution Mass Spectroscopy
HRMSHigh Resolution Molecular Spectroscopy
HRMSHuman Resource Management Services Office (Bacolod City, Philippines; also seen as HRMSO)
HRMSHuman Resources Management Specialist
HRMSHuman Resources Management School
HRMSHypernode Reduction Modulo Scheduling
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Under the new HRMS, he highlighted the e-transfer system has eliminated corruption from the system.
On this occasion, Omer Malik Advisor, Agriculture Delivery Unit (ADU) briefed the participants about the HRMS.
"The large datasets generated by HRMS based lipidomics workflows increase the time for data pre-processing, identification and further downstream analysis.
Yellow solid; yield, 89.6%; m.p.: 189.7[degrees]C-191.2[degrees]C; HRMS (m/z): calcd.; HRMS (ESI+), m/z [C.sub.19][H.sub.13][N.sub.4]O [(M + H).sup.+] calc: 313.1089 obs: 313.1092.
However, a new generation of instruments that employ very sensitive high-resolution mass spectrometry (HRMS) methods, including proton-transfer-reaction TOF (21 ) MS or secondary electrospray ionization (SESI)-Orbitrap MS, (22-24) now reach limits of detection in the low parts-per-trillion by volume (pptv) range (25), which enables the detection of only partially volatile compounds.
The HRMS will need to be reprogrammed into a PostgreSQL format and additional functionalities need to be implemented and activated, based upon requirements that were raised in preparation of the EU training mission in Mali and during the 2 test phases in exercise European Endeavour.
Optimum modules like general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, fixed assets, inventory, HRMS, time attendance and utilities and setup will support the CMA back office operations.
High resolution mass spectra (HRMS) were obtained with FAB (gly) or chemical ionization (C[H.sub.4]) on positive or negative modes.
HRMS (m/z): [[M].sup.+] calculated for [C.sub.17] [H.sub.17] Cl[N.sub.4] [O.sub.4], 376.0938; found, 376.0947.
Indian public sector bank, Central bank of India (NSE:CENTRALBK), has adopted a human resources management solutions (HRMS) system developed by IBM to streamline its human resources functions, successfully cutting down on costs, improving productivity and effectively reducing time consumption.