HRP2Histidine Rich Protein 2
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Field studies of the ParaSight[TM] F test in a malaria endemic area: cost, feasibility, sensitivity, specificity, predictive value and detection of HRP2 gene among wild type Plasmodium falciparum in Mali.
Operational accuracy and comparative persistent antigenicity of HRP2 rapid diagnostic tests for Plasmodium falciparum malaria in a hyperendemic region of Uganda.
We found that if HRP2 levels are low, clinicians can be more than 98 percent sure the child will not progress to cerebral malaria," Seydel said.
The HRP2 test in its current form is costly and poorly suited to use in rural clinics, Seydel noted.
HRP2, nicknamed "Promet," is a classic example of the business-academia collaboration going on in Ibaraki's laboratories and science parks.
So taking into account of all the factors from our study (Table 6), we consider HRP2 antigen detection kit as a tool for diagnosis of malaria in future.
En Colombia se han hecho varios estudios sobre el desempeno en campo de las PDRM, de los cuales, hasta octubre de 2009, se conocen ocho informes sobre la evaluacion de diferentes pruebas contra la ML (uno evaluo una prueba con HRP2 de "primera generacion" [Parasight F[R]], (11) dos evaluaron una prueba con HRP2 de "segunda generacion"[Now ICT Malaria[R]], (12-13) cuatro evaluaron una prueba con pLDH [Optimal[R]], (14-17) y otro evaluo Now ICT Malaria y Optimal (18)).
Un informe la OMS sobre PDRM (30) senala que Now ICT malaria Pf/Pv[R] de Binax mostro deteccion del 100% para HRP2 de P.
However, HRP2 remains detectable for weeks after effective treatment, limiting the use of this type of RDT in monitoring response to treatment, and complicating the interpretation of results in recently treated patients.
falciparum-specific antibody targets either HRP2 or Plasmodium lactate dehydrogenase (pLDH), while the pan-specific antibody targets either pLDH or aldolase.
HRP2 antigen rapid diagnostic test for falciparum malaria: positive.