HRPAHuman Resources Professional Association (formerly Human Resources Professionals Association of Ontario)
HRPAHuman Resources Policy Association
HRPAHistoric Royal Palaces Agency
HRPAHalton Regional Police Association (Ontario, Canada)
HRPAHigher Random Phase Approximation
HRPAHuman Resource Partnership in Asia (INSEAD)
HRPAHealth-Related Physical Activity
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HRPA has been widely adopted by the Hmong in Laos and Thailand as well as in the West (mostly in North America, France, and Australia).
8220;Together, the EHBC & HRPA are a match made in Heaven,” said Edelheit.
The responses were similar to those of earlier annual surveys, says Corrina Mason, HRPA information specialist.
So we saw social media applications as a big way to provide our members with those things they wanted the most," Mason says, adding that HRPA also saw social media as a way to be more responsive to members.