HRPCHormone-Refractory Prostate Cancer
HRPCHormone-Resistant Prostate Cancer
HRPCHouse Republican Policy Committee (US House of Representatives)
HRPCHudson River Parks Conservancy
HRPCHigh-Resolution Performance Counter (timer)
HRPCHelston Railway Preservation Company (UK)
HRPCHealth Research and Policy Center
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693 x t) / [In (PSA2) - In (PSA1)] Where: "t" is the time (in days) between PSA measurements, "PSA2" is the PSA defining HRPC (third rising PSA), "PSA1" is the next available PSA level
Alpharadin is in a global phase III clinical trial (ALSYMPCA) designed to confirm its efficacy and safety as a targeted treatment for bone metastases in patients with HRPC.
The results of a clinical study conducted by the European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC) evaluating satraplatin in HRPC were presented at the 2003 Annual Meeting of the American Society for Clinical Oncology.
Of the nine patients, eight had HRPC with a sustained increase in PSA and/or a positive bone scan.
HRPC transferred its operations in 2001 to the Ross Pavilion on property to the east of Route 9-G.
There is a significant unmet medical need for a viable treatment of HRPC and entering into Phase 2 trials with SB939 shows our full commitment in providing patients and physicians with an effective and safe option to treat this disease.
These exciting clinical results combined with Alpharadin's unique bone-targeting properties highlight the potential of this novel cancer therapeutic to be an important new treatment for bone metastases that frequently arise from a number of high incidence cancers as well as HRPC (e.
It was designed to provide detailed information on the safety and therapeutic efficacy of different doses of Alpharadin in HRPC patients, both symptomatic and asymptomatic for bone metastases, as well as evaluating its ability to relieve pain caused by bone metastases in symptomatic patients.
We have been very pleased with the response of the prostate cancer treatment community to the SPARC data and believe that satraplatin will become a very important treatment option for men with HRPC," said Patrick J.
VITAL-1, the other Phase 3 clinical trial of GVAX immunotherapy for prostate cancer, is designed to compare GVAX cancer immunotherapy as a monotherapy to Taxotere chemotherapy plus prednisone in earlier stage HRPC patients with metastatic disease who are asymptomatic with respect to cancer-related pain.
In a phase II trial completed in 2007 involving 64 men with metastatic HRPC, Alpharadin was shown to increase life expectancy by over 40%, and was found to be exceptionally well tolerated.
Satraplatin is in a Phase 3 registrational trial - the SPARC trial - as a second-line chemotherapy treatment for HRPC.