HRPDHigh Rate Packet Data
HRPDHuman Rights Policy Department (UK)
HRPDHigh Resolution Powder Diffraction
HRPDHigh Resolution Pulse Doppler Radar
HRPDHigh Repetition-rate Pulsed Doppler (radar)
HRPDHuman Resource Policy Development
HRPDHuman Resources Policy Directorate (US Army; Arlington, VA)
HRPDHours per Resident per Day (nursing staff system)
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A refinement using 2 K data from the HRPD diffractometer at ISIS enabled the crystal structures of all three phases to be refined separately despite their similar cell metrics.
At the same time, HRPD (EVDO) packet data services can be directly integrated into system operators' packet data core networks using existing interfaces to Packet Data Service Nodes (PDSNs).
support for the new vendor-specific network control protocol (VSNCP) protocol and internal eAN/ePCF plus HRPD serving gateway (HSGW) functions;