HRPEHuman Retinal Pigment Epithelial (cells)
HRPEHealth-Related Physical Education
HRPEHampton Roads Port of Embarkation
HRPEHealth Research Programs of Excellence (Canada)
HRPEhigh-resolution protein electrophoresis
HRPEHigh Risk Pest Exclusion
HRPEHistoric Royal Palaces Enterprises Limited
HRPEHuman Rights Public Education
HRPEHigh Risk Parent Education
HRPEHighly Recurring Phonics Elements
HRPEHigh RPM Pedaling Efforts
HRPEHurtley Ranch Pony Express
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Protective effects of the bioactive compounds on MGO-induced damage on HRPE cells
To determine the protective effects of the bioactive compounds on HRPE cells from MGO-induced cell death, cultures were pretreated with bioactive compounds at different concentrations for 3 h respectively prior to co-treatment with MGO at 1 mM for 24 and 96 h period.
5a, shows that bioactive compounds fell into 3 groups for cytotoxicity among which group # 3 was considered to be the most lethal while group # 1 was the least toxic to HRPE cells.
Incubation of HRPE cells with MGO led to an increase in fluorescence intensity due to the formation of AGEs which possess fluorescence properties (Fig.
To postulate the mechanisms by which these bioactive compounds protect HRPE cells against MGO-induced cytotoxicity, western blot analyses were measured on potential therapeutic markers.
HRPE cells treated with MGO alone significantly increased Nrf2 expression in cytoplasm suppressing the defense mechanism (Fig.
Hence, this study was designed to investigate for the anti-AGEs activity of specific bioactive compounds from common food sources (tea, apple, and ginger) using HRPE cells which are the best characterized cell lines for evaluation of AGEs (Kim et al.