HRPFHealth-Related Physical Fitness
HRPFHuman Rights Project Fund (Foreign and Commonwealth Office; UK)
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The participants visited the data collection site in the morning to undergo a HRPF test battery.
The following anthropometric measurements were collected to analyze the morphological component of HRPF: body mass (kg), height (m), waist circumference (WC, cm) and mean chest, abdominal and thigh skinfold thickness (mm).
For being a broad-scoped reserach project, the descriptive data of HRPF were reported in a previous publication with a different focus (1).
The relationship between HRPF variables (WC, BMI, BFP, FLEX, LMR, DMS and V[O.sub.2max]) in each group was tested with Pearson's correlation.
On analysis per group (Tables 2 and 3), several significant correlations were found among HRPF components.
The concept of FNE itself, as well as the structuring principles for its actions expressed in the document, present it as a field of knowledge inserted in the context of the realization of the HRPF and of ensuring FSN.
Given this emphasis, FNE is considered in these political texts as a strategic action for the promotion and insurance of FSN, and for the realization of the HRPF.
This scenario is also conceived as a space of consensus, in which there is some type of agreement among the interests of each sector: MS establishes its standard of health, of food, of correct and "healthier" eating, which, in its turn, is supported by MDS, which adapts this correct and healthy eating standard to fit FNS and HRPF contexts.
However, when this process is critically assessed, it is observed that there is still an education standard on "teaching how to eat", on the promotion of "healthy and adequate" food choices: "FNE contributes to the realization of HRPF, to the construction of a healthy Brazil".
Alternatively, it may be said that the political context on health/eating/social service etc., on the right to health/food appropriated some concepts such as FSN, HRPF, integration, intersectionality, sustainability, continuous education, autonomy, among others, transforming and incorporating them into the directives and principles of public policies.
Previously, hrpXv was shown to be necessary for transcriptional activation of five hrp genes (loci hrpB to hrpF) 37], and hrpB4 was required for complete functionality of the T3SS in Xcv [36].
Bonas, "HrpB2 and hrpF from Xanthomonas are type III-secreted proteins and essential for pathogenicity and recognition by the host plant," Molecular Microbiology, vol.