HRPIHigh Resolution Pointable Imager
HRPIHoechst-Roussel Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (various locations)
HRPIHistidine-Rich Protein I
HRPIHamilton Renewable Power Incorporated (Canada)
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A significant positive correlation was observed between the HRPI and LVEF (r=0.
However, in linear regression analysis we did not find a relationship between LVEF and HRPI (unstandardized [beta]=42, 43, 95% CI: 21.
In our study, we present the novel use of one aspect of heart rate as determined by H-ECG in the evaluation of patients with CHF This parameter is denoted here as HRPI and correlates with LVEF in patients with CHF.
The increased HRPI values may be an alternative to a decreased resting HR as a target parameter in the assessment in patients with CHF who are only taking only ACEI, ARB or diuretics.
The analysis of cardiac tone in bedside monitoring with memory capacity can be obtained by the HRPI method, especially in the clinics with the capabilities of ECG monitor having memory capacity and lack of Holter ECG tools.
Our study shows that HRPI may potentially represent a valuable approach in assessing the daily exercise activity and potentially sympathetic activation among CHF patients examined by 24-hour Holter ECG analysis.
HRPI may also be better an alternative method to HR mean or resting HR for using as an indicator of the quality of autonomic cardiac function.