HRPIHigh Resolution Pointable Imager
HRPIHoechst-Roussel Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (various locations)
HRPIHistidine-Rich Protein I
HRPIHamilton Renewable Power Incorporated (Canada)
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Age, BMI, fasting glucose, TG, HDL-C, LDL-C, creatinine, fibrinogen, CRP levels, WBC, RDW, platelet count, neutrophil, lymphocyte, neutrophil/lymphocyte ratio, minimum HR, maximum HR, the difference between maximum HR and minimum HR, mean HR and HRPI, sleep time, and PRTS at Sa[O.sub.2] < 90% were entered as univariate variables into regression analysis to determine the predictors of MPV.
The study revealed the following findings: patients with OSA had similar MPV values to non-OSA subjects; no significant differences were seen in terms of simpler heart rate derivatives between OSA patients and non-OSA subjects; although MPV was weakly correlated with both HRPI and the difference between maximum HR and minimum HR in the OSA group, and MPV was related to platelet count and PRTS at Sa[O.sub.2] < 90% in multivariate regression analysis.
The positive correlation between MPV, HRPI, and the difference between maximum HR and minimum HR potentially suggest that MPV is associated with autonomic nervous activations.
Linear regression analysis was performed to find whether the relationship between HRPI and LVEF, HR mean and LVEF, HR maxmean and LVEF, respectively.
In a subgroup analysis, there were differences between NYHA class I-III subgroups in LVEF, HR mean, HR max, HR min, HR max-min and HRPI, respectively, (p=0.020; p=0.030, p=0.011, p=0.041, p=0.028 and p=0.025) (Table 2).
HRPI values were markedly decreased in patients with CHF compared to control group [0.83 (0.58-1.1) and 1.10 (0.74-1.3), p<0.001] (Table 3).
In DDoS attacks, several clusters of source IP addresses and lager number of HTTP GET requests are converged, so HRPI value dramatically drops when attacks happen.
By sampling the network traffic with time interval [DELTA]t, calculating the HRPI of every sample, the HRPI sample series ([HRPI.sub.i], i = 1,2, ..., N] is gotten, N is the length of the series.
We obtained HRPI time series by multiple sampling and calculation when the sampling interval [DELTA]t is 0.1s.
He even concedes that beneath the "pragmatic silence" of the original formulation of the UN Declaration lie references to "the natural" (HRPI, 78).
The answer that he gives is history: "We do not build foundations on human nature but on human history" (HRPI,80).
Amy Gutmann (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2001), 54, 55 (hereafter cited in text as HRPI).