HRPOHuman Research Protection Official (US DoD)
HRPOHighland Road Park Observatory (Louisiana)
HRPOHot Rolled, Pickled & Oiled (steel product)
HRPOHybrid Ray-Physical Optics
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Presentation of the idea to the HRPO received an enthusiastic reception.
A link to the service was also placed on the HRPO "Investigator Toolkit" page.
The initial health literacy instruction efforts have led to a close working relationship between the HRPO staff and the librarians who work as liaisons to the medical school.
In this evaluation, HRPO was always used in excess (30 mg/L).
The above pool, diluted 1:10, was preincubated with excess HRPO (30 mg/L) and used in a set of experiments involving four points in the low range of PSA (0, 4, 10, and 25 [micro]g/L).
The affinity purification with HRPO coupled to preactivated CNBr-Sepharose was designed to produce an eluate containing the bsMAb and the monospecific anti-peroxidase but not free monospecific anti-PSA.
In the bsMAbs, with excess HRPO, we expect that every molecule is uniformly bound without sterically interfering with the anti-PSA arm (Kreutz and Suresh, unpublished data).