HRPPHuman Research Protection Program (various locations)
HRPPHuman Rights Protection Party
HRPPHawaii Rules of Penal Procedure
HRPPHuman Resources Policy and Procedures
HRPPHuman Rights Protection Program (Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Charleston, South Carolina)
HRPPHigh Resolution Precipitation Products (meteorology)
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In recent years, global human research protection programmes (HRPPs) have put steps in place to minimise contract ambiguity and cause for litigation.
An independent, non-profit accrediting body, AAHRPP uses a voluntary, peer-driven, educational model to ensure that HRPPs meet rigorous standards for quality and protection.
Al-Shaibani expressed his delight and pride at the hospital gaining HRPP accreditation, placing it among several worldwide research institutions.
Only two parties contested the election--the Human Rights Protection Party (HRPP) and the Tautua Samoa Party (TSP).
Objective ADHS is seeking a Contractor to provide consulting services for HRPP Community Health Nurse Services.
The Human Rights Protection Party (HRPP) has held a majority in the Fono for the past six consecutive 5-year terms.
Solicitation: Human research protection program (hrpp)management and administration services at the us naval academy
Major political parties: Human Rights Protection Party (HRPP), Samoa Democratic United Party (SDUP), Samoa Party (SP), Tautua Samoa Party (TSP), and The People's Party (TPP).
As a result, the Office of Research Compliance (ORC) was created under the quality improvement initiatives for the Human Research Protection Program (HRPP), and was introduced to the research community as research-support services.
Aided by collaborators that included John Heldens, director of UCSF s Human Research Protection Program (HRPP), the research team has significantly improved and shortened the application process, saving applicants valuable time.
It was originally developed by the authors based on the development of a quality improvement initiative within the Human Research Protection Program (HRPP).
objective measures of performance, which can assist them in the development of Human Research Protection Programs (HRPPs) and the assessment of resources provided to these programs.