HRQHuman Rights Quarterly (John Hopkins University journal)
HRQHold Request
HRQHealth Risk Questionnaire
HRQHelpful Responses Questionnaire (psychology)
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See Michael Ashley Stein & Janet E Lord, "Monitoring the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities: Innovations, Lost Opportunities, and Future Potential" (2010) 32:3 HRQ 689.
The HRQ was administered to all research participants during the prestudy orientation.
Three data items were collected during the last (14th) week of the study: the HRQ, the MI Knowledge Questionnaire, and a demographic questionnaire.
Engagement in risky health-related behaviors was measured using the HRQ.
The three masculinity measures were strongly correlated with one another, but their relationships with the HRQ varied.
Already, leading companies have adopted Quintus' HRQ solution, including Lockheed Martin and Sears.