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HRQLHealth-Related Quality of Life
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Although the etiology, development, course, and outcomes of mental health issues among college students is an ongoing and controversial topic, there is increasing documentation of its association with HRQL and social relationships (Anye, Gallien, Ban, & Moulton, 2013; Baum & O'Malley, 2003; Fedele et al., 2009; Lange & Byrd, 1998; Murray, Lombardi, Bender, & Gerdes, 2013; Sage, Britt, & Cumbie, 2013; Zea, Jarama, & Bianchi, 1995).
PH symptoms such as exertional dyspnea and fatigue have a major impact on physical activity, functioning and working ability, which affects HRQL (17).
Charlton, Sc.D., from Boston Children's Hospital, and colleagues examined sexual-orientation-related disparities in employment and health care, including possible contributions to HRQL, using data from 9,914 participants of the Growing Up Today Study who were aged 18 to 32 years at the most recent follow-up questionnaire.
All 9 participants either agreed or strongly agreed that they had a good understanding of the HRQL and OHRQoL and that they felt competent to administer the POQL chairside.
Whereas nocturia may have a little effect on health in some people, for others it can be a highly bothersome and debilitating condition because of disturbing impacts of nocturia on both sleep quality and HRQL. The most common causes of nocturia are urologic diseases such as benign prostatic hyperplasia, overactive bladder and reduced bladder capacity (12).
Patients in study group showed better improvement in health related quality of life (HRQL) score as compared to control group at day 5 (p<0.01).
[20], adolescents who sustained severe traumatic brain injury had lower HRQL related to overall psychosocial functioning and in the domains of behavior, mental health, general health, and family impact.
[19] found that all health-related QOL (HRQL) dimensions deteriorated significantly with CKD stages with the lowest scores in CKD Stage 5.
In recent years, the term health-related quality of life (HRQL) is being positioned as an indicator of physical and mental well-being since childhood and adolescence (1).