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HRQLHealth-Related Quality of Life
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Physicians found the HRQL information clinically very useful/quite useful in 43% of encounters but only somewhat useful in 28% (30% thus reported little use).
The HRQL construct involves one's perception of how health status affects different domains of daily functioning (Greenley et al.
Even though daunting, measurement of HRQL is imperative for comprehensive evaluation, treatment, and measurement of outcomes of patients with cardiovascular and pulmonary comorbidities.
Unmet needs of treatment * Long-term sustainable relief (19-21) * Safe and convenient control (11,22-27) * Individualised treatment tailored to patients' needs (1,19,28) * Patient satisfaction with current therapy (29) * Increased recognition of HRQL issues (30,31) * Improved education on psoriasis Table XI.
These data did not show significant differences in the rate of decline in lung function or HRQL score between the tiotropium and control groups, but achieved a sustained increase in lung function and HRQL over 4 years (p <0.
The NETT database provides the unique opportunity to examine the many physiological, psychosocial, demographic, and clinical variables that may affect HRQL in severe COPD.
Usually applied to ill populations (Spitzer), the concept of HRQL evokes a sense of holism by spanning domains such as social and emotional functioning, the experience of disease-specific symptoms and physical limitations, and an individual's general outlook on life.
PARTICIPANTS: Seventeen patients with a history of at least 12 months of airway symptoms induced by chemicals and scents were followed over 5 years with repeated questionnaires, measurements of HRQL, and capsaicin inhalation tests.
20], adolescents who sustained severe traumatic brain injury had lower HRQL related to overall psychosocial functioning and in the domains of behavior, mental health, general health, and family impact.
Comparison of HRQL at the Time of Study Initiation Control Group (n= 40) PR Group (n= 40) Borg Scale 3.