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HRRHenley Royal Regatta (England)
HRRHeat Release Rate
HRRHeart Rate Reserve
HRRHigh Range Resolution
HRRHomologous Recombination Repair (DNA)
HRRHeart Rate Recovery
HRRHospital Referral Region (various states)
HRRHuman Rights Report (Association of On-line Press Editors)
HRRHome Residency Requirement (US INS)
HRRHealth-Related Research
HRRHuman Resource Representative
HRRHousehold Response Rate (health surveys)
HRRHigh-Resolution Radar
HRRHigh Resolution Radar
HRRHierarchical Round Robin
HRRHardy-Rand-Rittler (color plates used in ophthalmology)
HRRHumanitarian Response Review
HRRHead Rice Recovery
HRRHockey Related Revenues
HRRHuman Research Roadmap (US NASA)
HRRHarmonic Rejection Ratio
HRRHöchstrichterliche Rechtsprechung (German: Jurisprudence of the Supreme Court)
HRRHigh Resolution Resistivity (geophysical exploration and characterization method)
HRRHigh Ridge Resources (exploration; various locations)
HRRHigh Ramp Rate
HRRHigh Risk Records
HRRHuman Race's Run (band)
HRRHealth Readiness Record (US DoD)
HRRHorizontal Refresh Rate
HRRHelicopter Rapid Refueling Procedures
HRRHealth Risk Review
HRRHeilig Rooms Rijk (Dutch: Holy Roman Empire)
HRRHigh Risk Requirement
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The HRR differences within the first five minutes after exercise (HRR1, HRR2, HRR3, HRR4, and HRR5) were calculated by subtracting the heart rate at each minute from the maximal heart rate.
We matched hospitals between the HIMSS survey and the AHA General Survey, and used the HRR identifiers and number of Medicare discharges for each hospital to produce another measure of the percentage of Medicare discharges in an HRR from hospitals that reported the equivalent of MU Stage 1.
4 ft) from a fire with a HRR (Q) of about 12 MW (11000 BTU/s) assuming the critical heat flux for fire spread is about 13 kW/[m.
The presumed parasympathetic origin of both HRR and vagal-related HRV indices as well the establishment of moderate relationships between vagally mediated measures of HRV and HRR immediately after exercise (Buchheit et al.
Scores for percent HRR were calculated using the following formula: percent HRR = % (HRexercise--HRrest) / (HRmax--HRrest) where age-predicted HRmax = 206.
In this context, it appears that there is a lack of practical knowledge in elite soccer players about interest and limits of the HRR following traditional high-intensity training exercise such as small-sided games or intermittent exercises.
In contrast, the IIT-3 and IHT-1 showed a decreasing effect on the HRR of the hybrid materials, only when added to PA6.
The growth stage is often called a "fuel controlled" fire, because the HRR of the fire primarily depends on the composition and orientation of the fuel.
To confirm the significant potential of the proposed decision fusion method related to other well-known decision fusion techniques (based on possibility/Dempster-Shafer theory and standard fuzzy integral, respectively), a concrete pattern recognition task (by HRR ATR type) was proposed to be solved.
However, the minimum volume of exercise training required to improve HRV and HRR is unknown.
We are pleased that the re-audit by HRR was completed without the need for any restatements or financial adjustments.
Keywords: distributed representation of data, geometric algebra, HRR, BSC, scaling