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HRRCHome Recording Rights Coalition
HRRCHazard Reduction and Recovery Center (Texas A&M University)
HRRCHuman Research Review Committee
HRRCHospital Report Research Collaborative (est. 1997; University of Toronto; Canada)
HRRCHuman Resource Rich Country ('Yes Minister' TV series)
HRRCHoffmann Reflex Recovery Curve (neurophysiology)
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Bank of Cyprus Holdings Public Limited Company (together with its subsidiaries, the group) (LON:BOCH) disclosed on Tuesday that its board named Dr Michael Heger as chairman of the Human Resources & Remuneration Committee (HRRC) with the resignation of Michael Spanos with immediate effect, from BOC Holdings and Bank of Cyprus Public Company Limited (the bank).
Further, the current composition of the HRRC consists of Michael Heger as chairman, Anat Bar-Gera and Maria Philippou.
Briefly, the main American universities, as with the HRRC, could not deal with the Holocaust theme, which concerned a matter of accountability and a very recent event calling for political accountabilities or for a kind of public admission of guilt" (52-53).
The interview project, funded by the Air Force and directed by HRRC staff, took place in 1950-51 under the umbrella of a Harvard-funded subsidiary formally run by emigres called the Institute for Research on the History and Institutions of the USSR, or more popularly the Munich Institute.
He was a founding member of HRRC's Executive Committee and had met with U.S.
Parsons turned it down; Langer soon went to Harvard's History Department, and in 1954 succeeded Kluckhohn as Director of the HRRC. Langer shortly thereafter became an editor of Foreign Affairs.
There is some evidence that this maneuver was undertaken to protect the HRRC's right flank from McCarthyism, on the principle, by then pretty much established at Harvard and elsewhere, that if they did their own internal purging, the worst excesses of McCarthyism (embarrassing hearings, public fuss, etc.), would be avoided.
The Carnegie Corporation, fully committed to funding efforts that would support a strong cold war posture for the United States, saw the HRRC as part of that strategy because of its specific focus on the affairs of the cold war enemy.
Once the HRRC was in place, who determined the research program, the tactical phase of Carnegie's broader cold war assumptions and strategy?
In January, 1948, even before the formal initiation of the HRRC, John Paton Davies, a member of George F.