HRRGHospital Regional Rio Gallegos (Spanish: Rio Gallegos Regional Hospital; Argentina)
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UTOPY guaranteed HRRG that within the first 12 months, it could help increase collections revenue by at least 1.
To begin the assessment, HRRG identified its top and bottom performing agents in terms of revenue collected.
Based on the results, UTOPY recommended that HRRG train all of its agents on the collections skills that had been identified as being the most successful.
Following the assessment, HRRG implemented some business process adjustments using UTOPY Intelligent Coaching, which helps supervisors create training, coaching, and self-learning plans focused on the critical skills for each individual agent and team, and immediately measure the impact on skill improvement.
UTOPY Intelligent Coaching is also being used by HRRG to establish set times for agents to review their skill usage trends on their own and listen to calls grouped by skill.
UTOPY recommended that HRRG train all of its agents on critical collections skills, which took place in mid-June 2010.
HRRG agents practiced their skills in role plays and were evaluated with real customer calls during training, coaching and self-learning sessions until the agents became very proficient with them.
HRRG has many plans for further leveraging its UTOPY speech analytics solution.
UTOPY enables HRRG to measure and monitor agent performance on every call, in exactly the same way for each agent, which was impossible for us to do previously using traditional methods," says David Friedlander, vice president of operations at HRRG.