HRRPHampton Roads Research Partnership
HRRPHuman Research Review Panel (India)
HRRPHigh-Resolution Range Profile (radar target recognition)
HRRPHigh Range Resolution Profile
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The next index case slated for integration within HRRP is coronary artery bypass surgery, a procedure that sees far greater volume than radical nephrectomy with inferior vena cava thrombectomy.
Following the HRRP, we analyzed patient activity during a 30-day observation window after the index discharge date.
Although the size of the HRRP penalty has been relatively small for most hospitals, 30-day readmission rates and the associated penalty for each hospital has been widely disseminated in the news media.
Future studies should focus on examining the measured data where the clarity of HRRP JEM images would be degraded by the aircraft motion.
While we are able to provide a sensitivity test stratified by all conditions subject to penalties under the HRRP, there may be variation of need for follow-up care, and its relationship with the outcomes by condition category.
10 illustrates the scattering center extraction and HRRP reconstruction under the noise condition SNR = 30 dB at azimuth 2[degrees].
Since 2012, HRRP has contributed to positive improvements in the health sector including in:
Luo, "Reconstruction of moving target's HRRP using sparse frequency-stepped chirp signal," IEEE Sensors Journal, Vol.
However, the disadvantage of FSCR is the complication caused by range-Doppler coupling, due to relative motion between the radar and the target, which results in circular shift and the spreading of HRRP [12].
Xing, "Radar HRRP target recognition based on higher order spectra," IEEE Trans.