HRRSHrvatski Rock 'n' Roll Savez (Croatian Rock 'n' Roll Association)
HRRSHard Rock Reentry System (ocean drilling)
HRRSHuman Research Review Section (Washington State Institutional Review Board; Olympia, WA)
HRRSHuman Resources Record System
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In the above specification, we estimate the patient experience score [] of hospital i, in county j, in insurance market k (defined as CCIIO Rating Areas), and in hospital market / (defined as Dartmouth Atlas HRRs), and in year t.
The measured averaged and smoothed cylinder pressures and the resulting HRRs vs CA are shown in Figure 11 for the [P.sub.rail] variation at constant injection timing.
Service region definition is established through the use of the Dartmouth Atlas of Health Care's Hospital Referral Regions (HRR); the Dartmouth Atlas of Health Care establishes 306 HRRs throughout the country, each with at least one city where highly specialized procedures (such as major cardiovascular and neurosurgery procedures) occur (Center for Evaluative Clinical Sciences, 1996).
Many of the fires in these incidents grew very rapidly reaching peak Heat Release Rates (HRR) of 100-400 MW (Haak 2005).
To limit the extent to which a Pastor had the formal authority to determine the future of the Juan Diego Academy and to acknowledge the larger regional reach that was key to the success of JDA, the governance structure of the school was modified to include a board of limited jurisdiction and the formal name of Holy Rosary School was changed to Holy Rosary Regional School (HRRS).
[19] have reported synergistic effects between alumina nanoparticles and APP-based additives, leading to an improvement of PMMA fire behavior performance indicated by high ignition times, reduced heat release rate (HRR), reduced total heat released, and significant increase of total burning time.
The fire is limited to the first floor and has a heat release rate (HRR) of 100 MW (1) (341 MBtu/h).
However, Cutler and Sheiner (1999) use HRRs and also found that demographic variables could account for most of the variation.
Exhibit 1 presents a map of the U.S., depicting HRRs in the lowest and highest deciles of health center penetration.
On the patient side, the authors consider the preferences of over 1400 Medicare beneficiaries surveyed in the same set of HRRs. Respondents were asked questions relating to their preferences for unnecessary care and end-of-life care, such as whether they would like a test or cardiac referral even if their primary care physician did not think they needed one and whether they would want to be put on a respirator if it would extend their life for a short time.
(296) Sascha Ziemann, Aktuelle Entwicklungen auf dem Gebiet der Wiederaufnahme in Strafsachen, in HRRS Onlinezeitschrift Fur Hochstrichterliche Rechtsprechung Im Strafrecht 401, 401 (2006) (Ger.).
It naturally arises when data are collected by high resolution radars (HRRs) [12-22] that can resolve a target into a number of scattering centers appearing into different range cells.