HRRSHrvatski Rock 'n' Roll Savez (Croatian Rock 'n' Roll Association)
HRRSHard Rock Reentry System (ocean drilling)
HRRSHuman Research Review Section (Washington State Institutional Review Board; Olympia, WA)
HRRSHuman Resources Record System
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Prior to opening the JDA, enrollment at HRRS had not reached this level for more than 30 years.
AnaSofia started her first year at HRRS as a kindergartener.
The staff at HRRS is the best, they each display a level of respect and commitment to your child that will reflect in them wonderfully.
See Sabine Swoboda, Das Recht der Wiederaufnahme in Europa, in HRRS Onlinezeitschrift Fur Hochstrichterliche Rechtsprechung Im Strafrecht 188, 191 (Karsten Gaede eds.