HRRTHigh-Resolution Research Tomograph
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The three sedated groups (age range 18-22 years), consisting of 8 Sev0.25% subjects, 8 Sev0.5% subjects (same cases as Sev0.25%), and 7 Des1% subjects, were all scanned using the Siemens ECAT high-resolution research tomograph (HRRT) at the Department of Anesthesiology of the University of California, Irvine, California, USA, and also underwent MRI (Table 1).
PET data were acquired in a group of 7 CB participants (three males aged 41 [+ or -] 8 years) and 7 HEAC (aged 25 [+ or -] 5 years, four males; HAECDEN) using a Siemens ECAT HRRT at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen, Denmark (Table 1).
Higher spatial resolution, such as that from the Siemens HRRT used to acquire FDG-derived images in the USA and Denmark sites, as well as improved MRI-based detection of cortical thickness, will provide better partial volume correction [59], propagating to increased accuracy of global versus regional metabolic differences measured across disease states.
Advancement in PET quantification using 3D-OP-OSEM point spread function reconstruction with the HRRT. Eur J Nucl Med Mol Imaging 2009; 36: 1639-1650.
Ruotsalainen, "Interpolation for the gap-filling of the HRRT PET sinograms by using the slices in the direction of the radial samples," in Proceedings of the IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium Conference Record (NSS/MIC '09), pp.
Our purpose is to extract the striatum surface from binding potential HRRT PET (High Resolution Research Tomograph Positron Emission Tomography) images.
Although in the phantom experiments the initial clustering was irrelevant, the same cannot be said when the weighted kernel k-means algorithm was applied to HRRT PET scans, because the final result depends on the initialization.
Abbreviations RA: Rheumatoid arthritis mBSA: Methylated bovine serum albumin MTX: Methotrexate HRRT: High resolution research tomography PEG: Polyethylene glycol SD: Standard deviation %ID/g: Percentage of the injected dose per gram i.a.: Intra-articular FR[beta]: Folate Receptor [beta] ROI: Region of interest EC20: A folate-linked chelator of 99mTc.