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HRSAHealth Resources & Services Administration (US)
HRSAHeat Resistant Super Alloy (machining)
HRSAHamilton Rating Scale for Anxiety
HRSAHistorical Radio Society of Australia
HRSAHealth Research Systems Analysis
HRSAHuman Resources Students' Association
HRSAHigh Rock Shooting Association
HRSAHotel and Restaurant Suppliers Association (Canada)
HRSAHigh Risk of Self Abuse
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3) For the vulnerable and uninsured, the HRSA Is a safety net, delivering health care for millions who lack access to primary care.
The new HRSA model (2014) was developed de novo, and is not simply an update of prior forecasts.
To improve program oversight, and provide more guidance to the various actors in the 340B program, HRSA was expected to promulgate comprehensive regulations, referred to in the industry as the "mega rule", in 2014.
HRSA provides three grant opportunities to fund Telehealth programs: Licensure Portability, Telehealth Network and Telehealth Resource Center.
Five of the awards are jointly funded with HRSA grants.
HRSA supports programs and services that target: the 50 million Americans who lack health insurance-many of whom are racial and ethnic minorities.
On September 1,2011, HRSA removed the Public Use Data File (PUF) from our website.
For more information on the program, and other HRSA maternal and child health programs, visit www.
During the 3 years since the PCASG grant was awarded, CMS and HRSA have offered five types of assistance to the PCASG-funded organizations to help them sustain the primary care gains made--funding, training, information sharing, technical assistance, and workforce support.
Last year, 14,000 medical and nursing school graduates applied to the National Health Service Corps, the division of HRSA that recruits health professionals to shortage areas by offering full or partial repayment of their student loans, said Dr.
gov/dsa/flrp/ or contact the HRSA Call Center, 800/221-9393.
We at ANA are thrilled to see such a qualified and respected nurse selected for HRSA Administrator, especially given the Agency's vital role in delivering much needed care to underserved areas.