HRSBHalifax Regional School Board
HRSBHirose Brands (Tokyo, Japan)
HRSBHigh-Risk Sexual Behavior (HIV/AIDS)
HRSBHartaplus Realty Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia)
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Similar promotive effects have sometimes been observed in other studies with older Latin-American youths for more advanced forms of youth HRSB (e.
Pending replication, this suggests that, irrespective of intergenerational acculturation gaps, the decisive factor for the HRSB domain among Latin-American early adolescents might be the youth's own acculturation process and, presumably, its complex interrelationship with the adolescent's cultural identity and values (e.
Results may also be quite different for older Latin-American students engaging in more advanced forms of ATOD, HRSB, and delinquency.
To examine these, we looked at the relationship between engagement in HRSB and peer relations and found a trend toward a negative relationship between girls' HRSB engagement at baseline and positive peer relationships at baseline (r = -.
delinquency, association with deviant peers, school failure and truancy, HRSB, initiation of substance use, and poor mental and physical health).
The curriculum is designed to address prevention of participation in delinquency, HRSB, and substance use, and to present strategies for helping girls build friendships with prosocial peers and refrain from relational aggression.
Each girl identifies a set of short- and long-term goals and is asked to make a public commitment to avoid drugs and HRSB.