HRSCHuman Resources Service Center
HRSCHuman Resource Services Center
HRSCHigh Resolution Stereoscopic Camera (NASA)
HRSCHuman Resources Sustainment Center
HRSCHouse Republican Study Committee
HRSCHigh-Resolution Source Coding
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To meet the requirements of all three theaters, the HRSC had to be task-organized and divided into two separate elements.
Ntsebesa, Lungisile y Ruth Hall (2007), The Land Question in South Africa: The Challenge of Transformation and Redistribution, Ciudad del Cabo, HRSC.
Initial contact was also made with the 15th PSB in Iraq, the 316th Expeditionary Sustainment Command (ESC), and the 8th HRSC.
Using the CHART Web-based automated staffing tool to issue certificates directly from the HRSC to selecting officials, improving staffing process efficiency and the quality of customer feedback through the automated survey format; and
After evaluating three solutions, HRSC chose SupportMagic, from Magic Solutions.
Anyone on the network can use natural query language to resolve their questions on typical tasks,' says Forrest Morrison, technical manager for the HRSC.
The force structure of an HRSC is similar to a PER-SCOM but without the command staff The main similarity is that both force structures were designed to provide theater-level support.
Shared Services is based on four interrelated "tiers": online self-service tools, the HRSC in Charleston, the nine HR Service Providers (based in bureaus throughout the Department) and the HR Bureau in Washington ("corporate HR").