HRSDCHuman Resources and Skills Development Canada
HRSDCHuman Resources and Social Development Canada
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That is why our government is continuing to work on the issue of Foreign Qualifications Recognition, and the House Standing Committee on HRSDC is studying this issue right now.
To address this issue, and as part of the Federal Government's commitment to modernize service to Canadians and improve federal services through on-line services, HRSDC developed ROE Web and gradually started implementing it nationally in September 2003.
Designed and manufactured to abide by the HRSDC - Mobile Shelving Protection Design Requirements, all mobile system units comply with all HRSDC regulations for storage, security, fire code and health and safety.
4% Note: The incidence of absolute poverty is the percentage of total population whose disposable income falls below the cost of a fixed subsistence-level basket of goads and services defined by HRSDC.
As well, for a good list of answers to FAQs, see the HRSDC website at www.
The test compares a person's skills against ratings developed by the International Adult Literacy Survey (IALS) and HRSDC to help employers increase workplace safety, improve their productivity, screen for skills in potential employees, and adapt more quickly to new technologies.
The potential for social contact between foreign migrant agricultural workers and the Canadian community has increased with the rapid growth of the C/MSAWP, particularly after 1987, when the administration moved from HRSDC to F.
The 'call for proposals' process: A view from inside HRSDC.
The authors would like to thank a number of HRSDC officials who provided comments and Cynthia Haggar-Guenette of Statistics Canada for assistance with data.