HRSEMHigh-Resolution Scanning Electron Microscopy
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Figure 2 shows the HRSEM micrographs of the resultant glass surface after applying the AIT method using both techniques.
HRSEM images were obtained from a JEOL 7600F Instrument, including an Oxford Instruments INCA EDS detector.
KEY WORDS: Major palatine nerve; HRSEM; TEM; Calomys callosus; Myelin sheath; Morphometric.
The structural characteristics of the various investigated powder conditions were analyzed by high resolution scanning electron microscopy (Jeol-7400F HRSEM), transmission electron microscopy (TEM-FEI TECNAI-[G.sup.2]), and X-ray diffraction (Rigaku DMAX 2100 powder diffractometer).
Having demonstrated already the effective nucleating power of VGCF, high resolution scanning electron microscopy (HRSEM, FEI Sirion) of etched drawn PI/VGCF films (etched according to the procedure in (5)) was used here to study the additional drawing effect on morphological orientation.
The thin films were analyzed by XRD, HRSEM, FT-IR spectroscopy, and also the UV-Vis that shows a transmittance up to 75%.
A Zeiss LEO982 High Resolution Scanning Electron Microscope (HRSEM) was used to produce micrographs of the materials.
SUMMARY: The characteristics of intrinsic muscle fibers in the anterior third of the adult rat tongue were studied employing light microscopy, SEM and high-resolution SEM (HRSEM) methods.