HRSEMHigh-Resolution Scanning Electron Microscopy
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Las figuras 4(a) y 4(b) muestran las micrografias HRSEM para las peliculas depositadas de [WS.
Fine structure of the acinar and duct cell components in the parotid and submandibular salivary glands of the rat: a TEM, SEM and HRSEM study.
Figure 3 exhibits HRSEM micrographs of MWCNT dispersed in water (Fig.
Figure 8 exhibits HRSEM micrographs of coagulated, dried, compression molded, and freeze-fractured PANI-IN (Fig.
The present paper describes the morphological features of the intrinsic muscle fibers of the anterior third of the rat tongue revealed by light microscopy, SEM and HRSEM methods, evidencing the connective tissue and intracellular components of muscle cells.
The specimens were again washed in distilled water and treated with 1% tannic acid solution for 2h at room temperature They were then dried in an Eiko ID-2 critical-point dryer, coated with palladium-gold using the BIO-RADSEM Coating System (Japan) and observed with an HRSEM (Hitachi, S-900) at 10 kV at Department of Anatomy, Fukuoka University School of Medicine, Japan.
The HRSEM images revealed a sponge-like structures containing fine collagen fibrils (Fig.
The sample was sputte r-coated with 50 A gold-palladium to make the sample conductive and then viewed with a JEOL 840-II HRSEM at an accelerating voltage of 10 kV.