HRSGHeat Recovery Steam Generator
HRSGHuman Resources Systems Group (Ottawa, ON, Canada)
HRSGHigh Resolution Spectroscopy Group (UK)
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HRSG is a growing, dynamic SaaS and professional services company based in Ottawa.
Also, the Doosan Engineering & Construction HRSG acquisition will help GE meet its forecasted growth and better manage costs by increasing its global manufacturing capacity and further complementing its existing HRSG technology.
Foster Wheeler will design and supply the vertical design HRSGs and provide advisory services for erection and start-up of the units.
A complete shutdown of the CGT will also affect the operating temperatures within the downstream HRSG.
In operation since 1977, Doosan E&C HRSG is a leading player in the industry.
The HRSG units are being manufactured at GEs facilities acquired from Doosan.
As part of this scope, AHEC will install a new HRSG at the back of the Amal power station gas turbine, with the capability of producing around 6,000t of steam a day.
The combustion turbine will first burn natural gas to drive the electricity generator, while the HRSG, integrating duct burners, will capture the waste heat through the exhaust stack to feed a steam turbine, which will further drive the same electricity generator to generate additional electricity.