HRSPHot Standby Routing Protocol
HRSPHillsborough River State Park (Tallahassee, FL)
HRSPHealth Reform Support Project (Yemen; World Bank)
HRSPAssociation of Human Resource System Professionals
HRSPHigh Resistance Skin Points (acupuncture)
HRSPHeart Rate-Systolic Pressure Product (cardiology)
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The other members of the jury were: Justice (retd) Munir A Sheikh, Justice (retd) Javed Iqbal, Justice (retd) Khawaja Farooq Saeed, Mehnaz Rafi, senior Vice President HRSP, Shahida Tahir, social activist, Humayun Ehsan, Principal Pakistan Law College, Adeeb Jawedani, President All Pakistan Private Schools Management Association, Dr Bilal Aslam Soofi Chairman FPCCI Standing Committee on Flour Milling, Khalid Niaz Khawaja, Ishtiaq Ch Advocate, Najma Sharif Advocate, Mujeeb Qureshi, Nazir Ahmad Chaudhry, Barrister Afzal Javaid and Secretary General of the Society, AM Shakoori.
114) The HRSP is "the primary point of contact for [DoD] personnel regarding all investigations that may lead to criminal prosecutions and all associated pretrial matters.
If there is uncertainty as to whether the crime or the location of the crime falls under the jurisdiction of MEJA, UCMJ Article 2(a)(10), or both, without delay, the incident should be reported in accordance with Article 2(a)(10) processing (as described in Appendix G of this article) and to the DOJ HRSP.
Among the most important things DoD attorneys can do is immediately notify the DOJ, through the HRSP that a crime under their jurisdiction has occurred.
30, 2013) (providing HRSP resources for MEJA as well as HRSP's contact information).
The HRSP general number is 202-616-2492 and the DOJ Command Center, which has 24 hour capability to locate persons, is 202-514-5000.
The HRSP demanded punishment for those involved in Saturday's riots, not only according to the Pakistan Penal Code, but also according to other sections, as they had violated the teachings of the Quran.
The HRSP has told the Christian community that instead of considering themselves a minority, they should think of themselves as citizens with full rights, as they possessed the same rights as Muslims did.
Members of the HRSP said they expected the Punjab government to take action and penalise the criminals.
The tabloid copy of the HR_Matrix is free to all HRSP members.
To obtain more information about The Review, contact HRSP, Inc.
HRSP) and currently serves on the HRIS Committee, a joint committee of HRSP and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).