HRSTHuman Resources in Science and Technology
HRSTHelicopter Rope Suspension Training
HRSTHistory of Recent Science and Technology (California Institute of Technology)
HRSTHighly Reusable Space Transportation (US NASA)
HRSTHospital Radio South Tyneside (UK)
HRSTHighly Reliable Surgical Team (various hospitals)
HRSTHuman Resources Services Team
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Shockingly, the boat did exactly what the HRST master and Seawolf Manual said it would: it got blown away by the rotor downwash.
In the mass brief, the HRST master told us that the best way he had seen to position the aircraft was to put the CRRC in front of the aircraft, or out to the 9-10 o'clock position so the boat would be visible, but out of the way of the hoist.
In case of the first parameter, an increase of 1% causes an increase in revenue per employee in enterprises of this category of 49 PLN, and the increase of HRST share in population of 1% yields an increase of the development dynamics meter in small enterprises of 6.
Another means by which countries seek to attract foreign HRST is to attract foreign students and enable them to work in the country after completing their studies.
The Netherlands also appears to have some difficulty in retaining highly qualified HRST.
Ron Cameron, chairman of HRST, said: "We are one of the oldest hospital radio services in the UK.
After a preflight and brief with the EOD HRST master, we fired up the bird and were on our way.
As the cabin door came up, I tried yelling over the noise of two engines and transmissions to tell the EOD HRST master what was happening.