HRSWHard Red Spring Wheat
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Lafond (19) reported better yields of HRSW under ZT and MT than CT on a heavy clay soil.
Alsen was released in 2000 as the first NDSU HRSW cultivar with resistance to FHB and has been widely grown in the Northern Plains since 2001.
ND 735 is 5 d earlier than Alsen and 2 d later than 'Butte 86', a 1986 NDSAES HRSW cultivar release, but its maturity is similar to Reeder and Parshall.
Alsen was released in 2000 as the first NDSU HRSW cultivar with resistance to FHB from the Chinese 'Sumai 3' (PI 481542) and has been widely grown in the northern plains since 2001.
ND 652 is an awned, medium-maturing, and semidwarf HRSW.
It is the first HRSW experimental line that combines high levels of resistance to CRR, leaf and stem rusts with good bread-making attributes and high yield and agronomic performance.
Plant height of Dapps (93 cm) is similar to 'Keene' (PI 598224), an NDSU HRSW cultivar released in 1996, and 12 cm taller than Alsen (PI 615543).
The CIMMYT SHW line W-7976 (Entry 156) and the HRSW line ND495 (Entry 157) developed at North Dakota State University were used as the resistant and susceptible checks, respectively.
ND2710 was tested as an experimental line from 1996 to 1999 (Busch, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999) and as the resistant check from 2000 to 20112 (Busch, 2000; Garvin, 2001, 2002) in the HRSW Uniform Regional Scab Nursery (URSN).
Therefore, the objective of this study was to determine if a tillage x cultivar interaction occurred for grain yield, protein concentration, kernel weight, and test weight of HRSW in a wheat-fallow system.
Seedling populations generally were enhanced under NT compared with CONT when HRSW was grown in a continuous small-grain system across three locations in South Dakota (Hall and Cholick, 1989).
Our main questions for this research were (i) would increased HRSW yield (with or without fertilizer N) offset decreased sunflower yield (legumes seeded at sunflower planting reduced yield), (ii) which legume(s), if any, seeded at which sunflower growth stage would provide soil cover without negative impacts on sunflower and HRSW yields, and (iii) would legumes increase soil [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] levels at the beginning of the HRSW season?