HRTEMHigh-Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy
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Representative HRTEM image of the sulfided HDS catalyst is shown in Fig.
Effect of Fuel Aromatics on In-Flame Diesel Soot Nanostructure via HRTEM," SAE Technical Paper 2015-01-1829, 2015, doi:10.
The HRTEM image of the Ag nanocolloids synthesized is shown in Fig.
3,10,11,16) A pesar de los equipos modernos de TEM y HRTEM, el estudio estructural y quimico de la "linea oscura" son temas nada faciles de llevar a cabo.
Figures 2 and 3 show the typical HRTEM images of the A-TPWC-Fe sample.
In order to further determine the structure and composition of doped ZnO samples, HRTEM was performed because of the probability that a secondary phase slightly exists in the as-prepared samples and could not be detected according to XRD results.
Bovin, "Ligand-Stabilized Bimetallic Colloids Identified by HRTEM and EDX", 1991, Angew.
4) Regarding sulfur, its presence as FeS highlighted by HRTEM is surprising since the studied alloy contains manganese and titanium which present a high affinity for sulfur compared to iron and form very stable compounds MnS and TiS with it.
There is a wealth of material on characterization methods used to study nanostructural features of BNMs, with focus on HRTEM and diffraction techniques.
For the detection of point defects, suitable spectral methods, nuclear or electron resonance methods supported by HRTEM method are successfully applied.