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They showed that UEscope provided an improved laryngeal view, a higher intubation success rate, an easier intubation procedure, and a weaker HRTI, but resulted in a longer time required for laryngeal visualization.
They demonstrated that the FAIS was increased and incidences of airway traumatic complications and POST were decreased with UEscope, but HRTI did not significantly differ between the two devices.
They found that UEscope decreased IT, attenuated HRTI, and reduced the incidence of POST and hoarseness.
In patients aged 20–60 years with a predicted difficult airway, He[sup][66] showed that, compared to the FOB technique, combined FOB and UEscope decreased the times required for laryngeal visualization and intubation, NIA, and incidence of airway traumatic complications, but the two techniques were comparable with respect to HRTI.