HRTOHuman Rights Tribunal of Ontario (Canada)
HRTOHunter Regional Tourism Organisation (Australia)
HRTOHeart Rate Turbulence Onset (cardiology)
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One strategy Madeleine might consider is to "split her case"--to segregate the human rights issues from the collective agreement issues, placing the human rights issues before the HRTO and the collective agreement issues before an arbitrator.
158) Applying Figliola, the HRTO held that Paterno's termination complaint should be dismissed under section 45.
160) The HRTO emphasized that it would have reached the same result regarding Paterno's complaint even if there had been no explicit reference to of findings on human rights issues.
170) If arbitral exclusivity still has any vitality in human rights cases under Ontario law, Madeleine's failure to file a termination grievance leaves her vulnerable to the risk that her human rights claim will be dismissed by the HRTO for lack of jurisdiction.
To date the HRTO appears to have followed the same path as the Alberta and Nova Scotia courts and adopted a blanket concurrency rule.
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