HRTSHollywood Radio and Television Society
HRTSHigh Resolution Telescope and Spectrograph (orbiting solar observatory)
HRTSHigh-Resolution Telescope Spectrograph
HRTSHigh Resolution Telescope Spectrometer
HRTSHigh Resolution Thomson Scattering (LIDAR)
HRTSHuman Resources Training Series
HRTSHuman Resource Transaction System
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Even though TPEC and HRTS tend to be limited territorially, their members are often bi-coastal, thus meriting designation as national organizations.
This is our first collaboration with NAB and we're excited to be part of this year's show," said Dave Ferrara, executive director of HRTS.
Chartered since 1947, the HRTS gathers together leading industry executives and companies representing broadcast and cable networks, studios, talent and management agencies, producers, legal and financial firms, new media companies and more to address issues that are relevant to the ongoing success and future of the entertainment business.
We appreciate having HRTS members involved in our Show, and the conversation between Peter Chernin and Brian Roberts is sure to be a highlight of the show.
The Newsmaker Brunch is a ticketed event, open to all HRTS members and Cable Show attendees.
Up until now, we have been continually adding new business units and increasing our workforce through acquisitions," commented Steve Grem, director HRTS operations, Cendant.
Federal Highway Administration RD&T Report Center, HRTS
Active in the television industry, Black currently serves on the Board of Directors of HRTS (Hollywood Radio and Television Society) and NATPE (National Association of Television Programming Executives).