HRTSHollywood Radio and Television Society
HRTSHigh Resolution Telescope and Spectrograph (orbiting solar observatory)
HRTSHigh-Resolution Telescope Spectrograph
HRTSHigh Resolution Telescope Spectrometer
HRTSHigh Resolution Thomson Scattering (LIDAR)
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High Rising Terminals (HRT) is a female characteristic where the voice goes up at the end of a sentence, which turns statements into questions.
Phase Start-up Adaptation HRT 24 Days (d) 1-58 d (58 d) 59-151 d (93 d) 152-185d(34 d) Benzothiazole 0 1-50 50 (mg/L) HRT (h) 24 24 24 Temperature 35 35 35 ([degrees]C) OLR (kg COD/ 3.33 3.26 3.13 [m.sup.3] x d) Phase HRT 18 HRT 12 Days (d) 186-240 d (55 d) 241-297 d (57) Benzothiazole 50 50 (mg/L) HRT (h) 18 12 Temperature 35 35 ([degrees]C) OLR (kg COD/ 4.64 6.36 [m.sup.3] x d) Table 2: The biogas production at different HRTs (average concentrations at steady-states).
In UASB reactor, long HRTs have been found disadvantageous for the development of granular sludge [107, 112].
Figure 2 illustrates the DO level regarding the designated HRTs in three stages of the RBC reactor.
From the X-ray diffraction patterns of digested wheat straw with different HRTs (shown in Figure 4), the CrI of digested straw was strongly influenced by HRTs.
The rapid rise of HRTs--and questions concerning their actual benefits--led the NIH to support large-scale randomized trials of HRTs. (268) One such trial, a 2002 study of various HRTs, called the Women's Health Initiative Study, came to the opposite conclusion of Prempro's patent and an earlier, major 1991 observational trial.
Following the sedimentation period, for each of the three samples taken, wastewater samples from the settling tank and from tanks 2 and 3 were collected, to establish the initial pollutant load of the water in the settling tank and the other tanks, according to the established HRTs. Using these values the removal efficiency for each treatment could be established.
The results show that by increasing the HRTs, the treatment of polluted ground water was more effective with gradual increased in all removal efficiencies.
Hence there is concern that if routine use of HRTs is implemented at 9 months for all HIV-exposed infants, without clinical validation of HRT kits beforehand, a considerable proportion of these infants may require further HIV PCR testing.
Effects of initial lactic acid concentration HRTs and OLRs on bio-hydrogen production from lactate-type fermentation.