HRTSHollywood Radio and Television Society
HRTSHigh Resolution Telescope and Spectrograph (orbiting solar observatory)
HRTSHigh-Resolution Telescope Spectrograph
HRTSHigh Resolution Telescope Spectrometer
HRTSHigh Resolution Thomson Scattering (LIDAR)
HRTSHuman Resource Transaction System
HRTSHuman Resources Training Series
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Even though TPEC and HRTS tend to be limited territorially, their members are often bi-coastal, thus meriting designation as national organizations.
To illustrate the width of that gap at the HRTS panel, FX research chief Julie Piepenkotter noted that by digital-world standards, TV miniseries "The People vs.
The HRTS event is traditionally the only moment of the year when all six entertainment toppers share a stage and ruminate about the state of the industry, on the eve of the fall launch.
As is traditional at the annual HRTS webhead luncheon, moderator Larry King asked the six entertainment toppers to name a new show from a competing network they'd like to have.
Federal Highway Administration RD&T Report Center, HRTS