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HRUHigh Resolution Unit
HRUHow Are You
HRUHeat Recovery Unit
HRUHydrostatic Release Unit
HRUHam Radio University
HRUHealth Research Unit
HRUHuman Rights Unit
HRUHydrological Response Unit
HRUHuman Resources Unlimited
HRUHigh Risk Unit
HRUHydrological Research Unit
HRUHeading Reference Unit
HRUHealthcare Resource Utilization
HRUHuman Reproduction Update (European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology)
HRUHydrogen Recovery Unit
HRUHose Recovery Unit (firefighting equipment)
HRUHearings and Release Unit
HRUHypermedia Research Unit
HRUHardcopy Reconstruction Unit
HRUHumanities Research Unit (University of Saskatchewan)
HRUHigher Reasoning Unit
HRUHi-current Relay Unit
HRUHDSL Repeater Unit (telecommunications)
HRUHerington Regional Airport, Herington, Kansas, USA (airport code)
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Nevertheless the spatial resolution of HRU systems appears insufficient for more detailed imaging of different arterial wall layers and for the examination of the peripheral vasculature15.
A posteriori, as informacoes de entrada para cada sub-bacia sao agrupadas em Unidades de Resposta Hidrologica (HRU's) baseadas no tipo de solo, uso e cobertura do solo e em classes de declividade preservando a homogeneidade.
The photograph below shows all three HRUs now installed at the power station.
The inertance value of the model was almost twice the normal value in the same illness condition since the systemic resistance value was taken as 1 HRU for both conditions (cases) for normalization.
Mr Justice Treacy said significant efforts had been made to facilitate McAree and others in the HRU in attending Mass.
To help clinical neurophysiologists, anesthetists, and other clinicians keep up with technical advances in high-resolution ultrasonography (HRU), which permits accurate localization of peripheral nerve disorders, Wilder-Smith and colleagues at the National University of Singapore School of Medicine discuss the advantages and limitations of HRU, characteristics of healthy and diseased peripheral nerves, techniques for finding specific nerves, and clinical applications.
The most contemporary boat-mount for EPIRBs is the Hydrostatic Release Unit (HRU).
In the book's final chapter, this concept is carried into his policy recommendation for a centralized Human Rights Unit (HRU) to be carried out under the auspices of the United Nations.
Para la situacion actual, la cuenca fue dividida en 7 subcuencas y 71 HRU, (Hidrologic Response Unit).
Sixth Judicial District Department of Correctional Service, High-Risk Unit (HRU).
The entire family of gen-sets was designed for easy integration of a heat recovery unit (HRU) or absorption chiller system.
Hillslope erosion is calculated for each HRU and so it varies according to the number and size of HRUs.