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HRVHeart Rate Variability
HRVCroatia (ISO Country code)
HRVHeat Recovery Ventilator
HRVHigh Resolution Video
HRVHatchback Recreational Vehicle
HRVHuman Rhinovirus
HRVHigh Resolution Visible
HRVHeavy Rail Vehicle (trains)
HRVHaute Resolution Visible
HRVHigh Retail Value
HRVHistoric Range of Variability (ecology)
HRVHypersonic Research Vehicle
HRVHercules Recovery Vehicle
HRVHeavy Repair Vehicle (wheeled)
HRVHigh-pressure Relief Valve
HRVHome Rekey Variable
HRVHeader Raise Valve
HRVHjallerup Rideklub Vrinsk (Danish)
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Electrocardiography (ECG) data acquisition equipment (Niviqure Meditech Systems, Bengaluru, India) was used to collect the ECG data in lead II later HRV analyzed using Kubios software based on non-parametric method of fast Fourier transform.
Interestingly, most people with these variations lived normal lifespans and had healthy children, leading researchers to suspect that other genetic factors may have compensated for the abnormality, or that people experienced frequent HRV infections but did not report them.
While short-time HRV measurements may be used in the evaluation of autonomic nervous system functions, 24-hour measurements are important as they cover the daily life and sleep information.
Athletes were instructed to perform a 90 second HRV measurement each morning upon waking whilst breathing spontaneously in a seated position (Esco and Flatt, 2014).
Results: Post-hoc comparisons indicate the following: (1) state anxiety significantly decreased from baseline to post-condition for both yoga and rest (p = 0.001) but returned to baseline values following exposure to emotional stimuli (p<0.001) for both conditions; (2) heart rate decreased post-condition to post-exposure (p = 0.020) and baseline to post-exposure (p = 0.033) for both conditions; (3) time-domain measure of HRV showed a significant increase in HRV between baseline and postcondition (p = 0.019), post-condition and post-exposure (p = 0.007), and between baseline and post-exposure (p<0.001).
Previous studies have examined the effects of sports activity (27) and competition (28, 29) on vagal-related HRV parameters in soccer players.
The subjects' HRV was analyzed during the last 5 min of baseline, exercise, and recovery.
Thus, the aim of the present study was to assess the application of ultra-short-term HRV analysis during low-intensity, dynamic resistance exercise in healthy elderly subjects, using a 45[degrees] leg press.
The researchers identified consistent associations between visit 1 HRV and visit 2 Beck Depression Inventory (BDI) score across all HRV domains and models.
In the context of a superordinate project that examines standard HRV values in hospitalized patients, we analyzed HRV in obese patients to gain a better understanding of the autonomic nervous system.
The inclusion criteria were as follows: studies were included if they measured HRV, in patients with cancer, included as clinical outcome a tumor marker specific for the cancer sampled in the study or survival, being prospective or historical prospective.