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HRVHeart Rate Variability
HRVCroatia (ISO Country code)
HRVHeat Recovery Ventilator
HRVHatchback Recreational Vehicle
HRVHigh Resolution Video
HRVHuman Rhinovirus
HRVHigh Resolution Visible
HRVHeavy Rail Vehicle (trains)
HRVHaute Resolution Visible
HRVHigh Retail Value
HRVHistoric Range of Variability (ecology)
HRVHypersonic Research Vehicle
HRVHercules Recovery Vehicle
HRVHeavy Repair Vehicle (wheeled)
HRVHigh-pressure Relief Valve
HRVHome Rekey Variable
HRVHeader Raise Valve
HRVHjallerup Rideklub Vrinsk (Danish)
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The alterations in HRV due to mobile phone radiations are important to study as they may have a deleterious effect on human health.
Accordingly, the aim of this study was to investigate the interaction between HRV, workloads, and risk of overuse problems in competitive CrossFit[TM] athletes.
Kemp and Quintana have found that a decrease in resting-state HRV correlates to an increase in alcohol cravings in alcohol-dependent outpatients and to increased depression.
However, despite the support to use HRV data set when determining V[T.
Tricyclic antidepressants have been reported to reduce HRV; however, most of the studies have not associated reduced HRV with SSRIs.
The company is planning to launch the Civic sedan, a diesel version of the CRV and an SUV, which is likely to be the HRV.
LF/HF: HRV signal is transformed into frequency domain and the ratio of spectral power in lower bound to spectral power in upper bound is to be calculated.
Although there are numerous studies (2,4,6,9,14,20) that speak to the benefits of the practice of resistance exercise and aerobic exercise on HRV in the elderly, adults in general, in hypertensive subjects, and in judo athletes, there are still questions regarding the effects of sport climbing practice on the HRV.
HRV which is derived from photopletismograph or electrocardiogram (ECG) signal was analyzed in these studies.
Semi-nested PCR was performed for HRV screening using primers P1 (163–181): 5′-C(A/G)A (G/A)CA CTT CTG T(T/C)(T/A) CCC C-3′, P2 (533–551): 5′-C(A/G)A CTA CTT TGG GTG TCC G-3′, and R2 (1082–1064): 5′-C(T/G/C/A)G G(T/C/A/G)A (A/G)(T/C) T TCC A(C/A)C ACC A-3′, designed according to the conserved VP4/VP2 region of HRV (GenBank sequence L24917), resulting in amplification of a 920-bp fragment in the first run with primers P1 and R2 and a 550-bp fragment in the second run with primers P2 and R2.
Poincare plot of RR intervals is an useful visual tool which is capable of summarizing an entire RR time series derived from an Electrocardiogram (ECG) in one picture and a quantitative technique, which gives information on the long- and short-term HRV (19) However, no studies have examined the non-linear component of HRV in PCOS excluding the obesity factor.