HRVOHybrid Reciprocal Velocity Obstacles (robotics)
HRVOHemi-Central Retinal Vein Occlusion (eye disorder)
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In general, macular branch RVO tends to have the best prognosis, followed by BRVO, HRVO and then CRVO.
HRVO with macular edema--patients treated with intra Vitreal Avastin with monthly follow up and repeat injections were given based on the patients VA and response of macular edema to the treatment.
Of these 13 cases are CRVO, 2 cases are HRVO, 35 cases are BROV.
The area of retina affected will be one sector or quadrant in BRVO (Figure 1), the superior or inferior retina in HRVO, or all retinal quadrants in CRVO (Figure 2).
Patients may describe quadrantanopic or hemi-field visual (field) loss with BRVO or HRVO respectively.