HRVSDeveloping Human Resources in the Voluntary Sector (Canadian study)
HRVSHeart Rate Variability Signal (cardiovascular physiology)
HRVSHampton Roads Vegetarian Society (Hampton Roads, VA, USA)
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But the Duterte government once again immediately spurned the proposed independent investigations (to be conducted by UN special rapporteurs on the EJKs and other HRV cases) as an affront to sovereignty and international interference in domestic affairs.
The researchers found that mutant MDA5 in the girl's respiratory tissues could not recognize HRVs, preventing her immune system from producing protective signaling proteins called interferons.
* An HRV (heat-recovery ventilation) system is the most efficient, balanced and expensive (typically $1,000 to $2,000) system.
'Unlike Kian, too, most cases of EJKs or HRVs have very few evidence and no eyewitnesses,' she said.
Also, the difference in frosting limit between the heat and energy exchanger was close to what was reported in Holmberg (1989) and Mahmood and Simonson (2012), which was 5[degrees]C to 10[degrees]C ([approximately equal to] 9[degrees]F) lower in desiccant ERV wheels than conventional HRV. However, it should be mentioned that the results in Figure 5 are based on the experiments for the exchanger used in this paper and should not be used for exchangers with different design or operating conditions.
HRVs are members of the genus Enterovirus within the Picornaviridae family.
Angus MacLeod and colleagues note that although many HRV infections cause mild disease, they can lead to dangerous complications for millions of people with asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
For all collected specimens, PCR or RT-PCRs were performed to detect infection with ADVs, HBoV, HCoV, hMPV, IFVs, RSV, PIV, EV, and HRV. The method used for each virus is described in the following references: PIVs 1-4, EVs, HRVs [16], IFVs A, B, and C, and RSVs A and B [17] were detected by two multiplex nested RT-PCRs; HCoVs [6] and hMPV [18] by two-step RT-PCR; ADVs [19] by single-step PCR; and HBoV by touch-down PCR [20].
Both systems use broadly reactive primers that amplify RNA from either HRVs or enteroviruses (results are reported as "entero-rhinovirus" or "human rhinovirus/enterovirus").
* HRVs have been implicated in exacerbations of asthma and chronic bronchitis, and are increasingly reported in lower respiratory tract infections of infants, elderly persons, and immunocompromised patients.
First, respondents were asked: 'Because of political reasons did you ever arrest or detain someone, kidnap or abduct someone, participate in the destruction of someone's home or property, physically beat or injure someone, participate in the death of someone, kill someone, participate in any other form of torture or human rights violation?' Our HRV perpetrator variable is a dichotomous indicator contrasting individuals who reported one or more of those experiences to those who reported none (HRV perpetration).