HRVTHeart Rate Variability Threshold (kinesiology)
HRVTHigh Risk Victims and Trafficking (police unit)
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2 [+ or -] 7, 6), it was expected that the chronic adaptations promoted in the HRVT, ISWT, and [HRV.
post-exercise] and in HRVT, respectively, in the UL group.
Indeed, the daily and weekly undulating ETL variation is mostly related to increased ventilatory threshold and peak oxygen uptake (4,29), and these variables are related to the HRVT test (r = 0.
Table 1 shows the measures at rest, at maximal progressive aerobic exercise, and the percentage of the maximum percentage load at which the HRVT was identified.
To our knowledge, this study is the first to evaluate the relationship between HRVT and vagal reactivation.
Possibly such responses concerning body temperature restoration and/or vascular tone are cofactors likely to improve vagal reactivation, which may hinder the direct association of the recovery with the HRVT.
This study evaluated the HRVT, through the method proposed by Lima and Kiss (16), which is based on the analysis of the SD1 index.
2], HRVTs have been observed to occur at a relative intensity of 50-60% V[O.
Following this approach, two other HRVTs that can be derived from a submaximal incremental test, [SD1T.
The charts are the dispersion charts between HRDP and HRVT according to different methodologies.
Concordance analyses between the different determination methodologies of HRVT with HRDP are presented in sequence.
The results indicate concordance between the measures HRDP and HRVT, bias=0.