HRWCHuron River Watershed Council
HRWCHiwassee River Watershed Coalition (Georgia and North Carolina)
HRWCHeath River Wildlife Center (Peru)
HRWCHousing Resources of Western Colorado (Grand Junction, CO)
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When HRWC later recommended that the city adopt a domestic partnership policy, (46) it focused on how exclusionary marriage laws specifically injured same-sex couples: "All unmarried opposite-gender couples are able to move voluntarily across the 'marriage barrier,'" but "[a]ll same-gender couples are unable to move across the 'marriage barrier'--forever and regardless of their will." (47) In this way, HRWC framed a domestic partnership policy that would ultimately cover both same-sex and different-sex couples primarily as an equality measure for same-sex couples.
In staking out the equal status of same-sex couples (ineligible to marry) with respect to different-sex couples (eligible to marry), HRWC urged a domestic partnership regime that "approximate[d] the current marriage criterion." (49) Domestic partnership, it recommended, should be defined to include two people "not related by blood closer than would bar marriage" who "reside[] together and share the common necessities of life" and are "responsible for [each other's] common welfare." (50) This policy mirrored the earlier San Francisco proposal, which defined domestic partners as "[t]wo individuals":
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