HRWSHR (Human Resources) Workplace Services
HRWSHelicopter Remote Wind Sensor
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The article ends by establishing the relationship between the HRWS and promoting the health of vulnerable groups through human rights principles.
Outcomes: Legal Desk Component: Harmonisation of water-related (inter)national legal and policy frameworks with international human rights law: 1) Creation of a Swiss-led Global Campus for research and legal support on the HRWS with thirteen universities in partnership with UNESCO-IHE; 2) Strengthening the Help Desk services for parliamentarians and national human rights institutions; 3) Strengthening and coordinating the voice of civil society organisations in Geneva-based UN agencies and other key intergovernmental decision-making processes.
The multibeam ScanSAR may be adopted for future spaceborne high resolution ultra wide swath imaging, since it achieves the HRWS imaging capacity better than conventional multichannel ScanSAR under the same condition.
The original data rate of the spaceborne HRWS SAR system is 1451 Mbps, which is difficult for satellite downlink subsystem.