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HRWSHelicopter Remote Wind Sensor
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Figure 13 shows imaging of HRWS SAR and MIMO SAR based on CS.
Consequently, this article analyzes how the human rights framework, and in particular the HRWS, can be mobilized to strengthen the promotion of the health of vulnerable groups.
Sarah Leah Whitson, Middle East director at HRW, said Qatar's reforms "undermined its progressive ambitions".
The SF multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO)-SAR, which is defined as the MIMO-SAR system transmitting and receiving a class of SF subband signals simultaneously by multiple azimuth channels, respectively, combines the advantages of the SIMO system and SF waveforms and enables HRWS imaging at relatively low cost [9,10].
The innovative imaging plan can find great potential in the application of currently azimuth displaced phase center antenna systems like HRWS or dual receive antennas approaches in TerraSAR-X and Radarsat-2 [29], especially appropriate for the instance when the imaging scene is sparse, such as ships detection and ocean imaging.
In one stroke the HRWs Brad Adams has discredited the Judicial Commission that investigated Saleem Sehzads alleged murder, demonized the ISI and castigated the Government of Pakistan, going on to suggest a darker destination of evidence if pursued again.
She said the agreement entails, among others, that Saudi Arabia be responsible for the authenticity of the employment contract of HRWs and the settlement of labor contract violation cases.
High-resolution as well as wide swath (HRWS) is one of the main goals of the system engineers [3, 4].
In order to further improve the high-resolution width-swath (HRWS) imaging capacity, multichannel ScanSAR with intra-pulse beam steering on transmit in elevation is proposed [19, 20].