HRXRDHigh Resolution X-Ray Diffraction
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Figure 3 shows the 2[theta]-[omega]-scan HRXRD pattern of (0002) peaks of the AlInN/GaN samples.
Based on the HRXRD measurements results, we observed that the mosaic structures parameters, lateral and vertical coherence lengths, tilt and twist angle, and heterogeneous strain of the AlInN epilayers were not strongly affected by indium content (x) in [Al.sub.1-x][In.sub.x]N epilayers.
JVS continues to evolve the company's HRXRD product line, which it acquired from Bede in 2008, with the addition of the new tool.
Isaac Mazor, JVS's president and CEO, said: "The new QC3(TM) HRXRD production tool demonstrates JVS's commitment to LED manufacturing metrology solutions that meet and exceed our customers' technical and cost of ownership expectations."
The analysis is performed through RADS, the oldest and still the best HRXRD analysis package, which has been proven in industry and academic institutions alike.
Tender notice number : USIC/2018/AMC for HRXRD machine
It must have the ability to cover the following measurement techniques - Mapping duplicate X-ray diffraction mode,- High resolution diffraction (HRXRD)- X-ray reflectivityIt must be equipped mainly as follows - A source of photons having an energy of around 8 keV,- An efficient detection system for rapid acquisitions and thin films,- A goniometer 2 circles and adapted to provide the required optical characterizations,- A sample holder allowing the shift in X, Y and Z.
Limited Tenders are invited for Water Chiller For Two Hrxrd Systems