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HRZHochschulrechenzentrum (German: University Computer Center)
HRZHerd Reduction Zone (deer hunting)
HRZHrvatsko Ratno Zrakoplovstvo (Croatian Air Force)
HRZHigh Rainfall Zone (Australia)
HRZHuriez Syndrome
HRZHrvatska Republikanska Zajednica (Croatian: Croatian Republican Union; Croatia)
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Phase 1 of Project Icewine, involving evaluation of core and log data from the HRZ formation, is complete.
There's great optimism from the company, and Wall notes, "Icewine#1 provided excellent encouragement that there is a huge shale prize in Alaska in the HRZ formation.
The dominant land-use in the HRZ is pasture but in the last decade there has been an expansion of cropping due to both economic and climate drivers (drier winters).
The HRZ liquids-rich resource play has been successfully evaluated based on core obtained in the recently completed (December 2015) Icewine #1 exploration well, marking the completion of Phase I of Project Icewine.
Dow AgroSciences said on Friday that it has signed an agreement with HRZ Wheats to expand in to the Australian wheat industry for an undisclosed value.
Oil shows were recorded with cut and fluorescence observed in cuttings returned to surface during the drilling of the HRZ shale
Whilst coring the HRZ interval, a pronounced raise in heavy gas fractions was exhibited in the gas chromatograph as well as mass spectrometer.
As at 2nd December 21:00 (AK time), the Icewine#1 well had drilled to 10,400 within the Hue formation, which overlies the HRZ primary target.
It is still early days and we are yet to definitively clear the first of several required hurdles in the planned HRZ evaluation programme, but we are heading in the right direction, Wall added.
From 2012, a trial at SFS Lake Bolac site, which has a history of resistant ryegrass, assessed the effectiveness and applicability of cultural control practices before seeding, in combination with pre-emergent herbicides on management of herbicide-resistant annual ryegrass in the Victorian HRZ.
To apply for a card, call 0845 766 0758 and quote 106 HRZ.