HS Code

HS CodeHarmonised System Code (tariff number)
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The board said flour and refined flour being sold in retail were exempted from sales tax but due to negligence, the HS code: 1101.0010, was removed from Schedule 6.
PSA data also showed that the country's importation of preparations with a basis of extracts, essences, or concentrates or with a basis of coffee (HS Code 21011200) in 2018 doubled to 213,729.286 MT, from 106,017.816 MT in 2017.
Soybeans, cotton, and sorghum are associated with unique 6-digit HS codes. China has placed retaliatory tariffs on each of these products and on various pork products.
Using 4-digit HS code dataset, we employed coverage ratio and frequency index to estimate Tobit regression equation.
If the investigation involved ball bearings, for example, the HS code will identify product size (e.g., 4 mm vs.
HS Code Commodity Description###Apr-16 (R)###May-16 (R)###Jun-16 (R)###Jul-16 (R)###Aug-16 (P)
Your batteries made here, and matches HS code specifications, can be quickly and duty free exported to 1.4 Billion South Asian market using our Free Trade Agreements with India and Pakistan.
Although we planned to perform the test for the whole panel, the technical limitations of the statistical software (14) caused us to divide the panel data according to two-digit HS code instead.
Such a certification attaches premium to the products which otherwise were exported under the same HS Code as the other varieties of that product.
The first difficulty a firm faces in trying to identify the amount of tariff reduction is correctly identifying the classification number (HS code) for the items being traded.
Dubai customs' transactions are categorized into the following services: Request for Customs Declaration and Clearance, Request for Guarantees/Deposits Claims and Refunds, Request for Conveyance & Machinery Cards, Request for Inspection, Request for Client Registration (Request for Customs Code), Request for Manifest Registration, Request for Customs Opinion, Request of Appeal, Request for Customs Audit, Request for Awareness and Training Courses, Request for Letters and Certificates, Request for Transactions Report, Request to Record Trademark, Request for Trade Agency Registration, Request for Client Accreditation, Request for HS Code, Request for Customs Cases Follow-up, Submit Information via RAFED, and Contact Dubai Customs' Director.
Last year, the firm brought 7.6 million kilograms of iron and steel products under HS Code 7214.