HS GPAHigh School Grade Point Average (also seen as HSGPA)
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However, the factors examined--non-modifiable such as HS GPA and ACT scores and modifiable, such as degree and direction of variance and gender differences--leaves room for additional research to elucidate the connections between health and academic success.
The model suggested that presence of the three strongest indicators (MS D, MS GPA, and MS attendance) would decrease HS GPA by 1.
Table 2 Correlations of Academic Achievement Variables with LASSI Subscales Col GPA HS GPA ACT Final Grade Col GPA .
Livonia, MI 48150-1173 Phone: (313) 591-5052 Undergraduate Enrollment 4,000 Tuition: $4,790 for 30 semester hours Credentials Required: HS GPA 2.