HS-PDSCHHigh-Speed Physical Downlink Shared Channel
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The number of DPCHs is 4 and the number of HS-PDSCHs is 2.
In this simulation, the test model 6 for HSPA+ is used and the number of DPCHs and HS-PDSCHs is 4 respectively.
Physical channel segmentation divides the bits among the different physical channels when more than one HS-PDSCH is used.
The second rate-matching stage matches the resulting number of bits to the number of physical channel bits available in the HS-PDSCH set during the TTI.
Of the three slots within a 2-ms subframe, the first slot carries critical information for HS-PDSCH reception, such as the channelization code set and the modulation scheme.
The number of HS-PDSCHs and the modulation format define the number of physical channel bits after RV selection (960 bits for QPSK modulation x 5 = 4,800 bits).
The number of HS-PDSCHs or code channels that map onto a single HS-DSCH can vary dynamically between 1 and 15.