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HS4I-Hypersensitive Site 4
HS4HyperStudio Version 4 (multimedia authoring software)
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6 Table 5 Minimal values of fatigue factor of safety (FoS) Horn HS1 HS2 HS3 HS4 geometry FoS 0.
The two new HS3 and HS4 satellites will be favourable to the replacement of Hellas-Sat's current HS2 at 39A East orbital slot with additional capacities in Ku and Ka bands payload brought to customers with great flexibilities.
The HS3 and HS4 satellites will replace Hellas-Sat's current HS2 at the 39 degrees East orbital slot and HS4 will, additionally, provide Arabsat with prime Ku-band capacity over Europe and the Mediterranean, which will complement the existing in-orbit capacity .
The maximum value observed in S951-3 and S951-28, while the lowest T/C index of root dry biomass was observed in HS4, Q15-4 and Q17-3.
However, while the current results are all based on yearly HS8 expenditure measures, use of HS4 or HS6 expenditure variables does not change any of the coefficients of interest.
SAVE: PS2 MMGCo HS4 Savvy shopper Convenience chain store Spar have slashed the price of 30 award-winning wines with French, Italian, Spanish, Aussie and Chilean reds and whites on offer.
Designed for V6 four-stroke and 200- to 300-hp two-stroke applications, the Yamaha Saltwater Series HS4 four-bladed props are built with Yamaha's Shift Dampener System (SDS), which makes gear shifts smooth as glass and quiet.
En las habilidades sociales se produjeron cambios grandes en HS3 (expresion de enfado o disconformidad, con una d = 1,30), en HST (puntuacion total en la variable habilidades sociales, con una d = 1,08) y HS2 (defensa de los propios derechos como consumidor, con una d = 1,00), y cambios medios en los factores HS6 (iniciar interacciones con el sexo opuesto, con una d = 0,78), en HS5 (hacer peticiones, con una d = 0,68), en HS4 (decir no y cortar interacciones, con una d = 0,65), y en HS1 (autoexpresion en situaciones sociales, con una d = 0,64).
The other three populations are maintained by the first author and include the HS4 population described in the previous paragraph, the HS--NPT population (see Valdar et al.